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A year (or two) in craft

It’s been over a year since we last posted on this site, as much of our energy is now going into our farm project – see http://treesbeesandcheese.wordpress.com for more on that. We also have a busy nearly 2 year old son so much of our creativity is now funnelled into finger painting, play dough sculpture, cubby making, and cardboard kitchen construction!

However my fingers have not been idle on the sewing front, here’s a few projects I’ve made over the last little while:


Embroidery of a Stubble Quail (a bird we just discovered lives on our farm!) for Joel’s birthday


A pig and a goat knitted for Asher


A wedding “coat-of-arms” for friends Renee and Ben, featuring their daughter, dog, and other family interests


A “message in a bottle”, left on a seat in the neighbourhood


A wedding embroidery for sister and brother-in-law Abi and Shane, the house image is a replica of the one they share together (this embroidery inspired by Stitched Gifts by Jessica Marquez)


I ran a workshop as part of Adult Learners Week on “Repurposed planter pots” – the community brought in various secondhand vessels to become pot plants which they took home or gave as Christmas gifts


Little shoes made for Arlo and Asher


Knitted booties made for Arlo – an antique pattern that I’m never making again!


A bath mat made from a recycled towel

I’ve also been working on and off on a rag rug, I’m at the stage of stitching together the plaited part into a big coil, but just can’t summon the motivation to finish that job!



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50th Birthday Quilt

Hooray, I just finished my second quilt! This time I used a very simple pattern called “Avalon” from a great book called Material Obsession by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke. Big blocks of nice fabrics whipped into a windowpane-like design. Timing didn’t allow for hand quilting to finish off, so it was machine-quilted by a little home quilting business high up on a hill, then bound off by my hand.

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The Sustainable Food and Farming Quilt Project

With the coldest Adelaide winter in years, now is the time to get quilting. Friends of the Earth is making a quilt to illustrate and celebrate the many visions of a just and sustainable food system, and we would love your contribution!

Like a landscape that feeds its community from a patchwork of farms and wild places, the quilt highlights the diversity of ideas, strategies and projects that make up a sustainable food system, and when completed will be exhibited, used to teach about the food system we need, and may even be entered in the Royal Adelaide Show!

Wherever you are, we invite you to embroider, print, patch, appliqué, sew, stitch your vision for a just and sustainable food system. It might be:

  • something specific (like worm farms, or compost bins, or fruit trees planted in the streets, or rooftop gardens, or farmers’ markets, or heirloom seeds);
  • or general (like stronger communities, or thriving local economies, or diverse polycultural farms, or food sovereignty, or fair trade);
  • or a project you’re already involved with.

Use pictures, use words, use whatever you like (provided it can all be sewn together in the end!

Squares should be 30cm x 30 cm, with a 3 cm border all the way around (so the area for your image is 24 x 24 cm). Feel free to use your own fabric, or contact us if you would like to be sent fabric to get you started.

Submissions are due Friday 20 January 2011, but sooner is always welcome. Please contact us at sophie.green@foe.org.au, or leave a message at (08) 8211 6872 to register your interest.

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How to make cushion covers

New cushion covers, in their natural habitat

Now that I’ve finished my studies, I’ve finally settled into working through my 18-month long list of Things-To-Do, and near the top was making some new cushion covers. Our existing cushions were looking threadbare, and I have some textiles I collected in West Africa and elsewhere aching to be put to use. design I used is based on another cushion I once bought off a friend from uni. It requires no zip, and is refreshingly simple to whip up. (If you’re seeking a zippy version however, this how-to looks pretty comprehensive. This version makes a similar zip-free cushion using a single piece of fabric).

Wild American states, birds and floral emblem fabric on display

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