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Mud graffiti

I’ve often pondered what the most environmentally sound way of creating street art. The aggressive fumes of aerosol that try to guarantee its permanence just doesn’t appeal. Perhaps paste-ups are a good approach, where you can use whatever paint you like to create an image on whatever paper you like, then stick it up with flour and water. Or then there’s this:

Even if it didn’t call for passers-by to tuck into dandelions it would be great! Knocked together by US artist Jesse Graves, The process is much the same as making any other stencil, but instead of aerosol, you take with you a pot of mud, about the consistency of peanut paste, and a sponge for dabbing the image onto the nearest surface. There’s more about this, and another artist that produces moss grafitti at Wunderkammer Journal of Environmental Art; and Jesse Graves has a catalogue of past works and a ‘how-to’ here.


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