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House of the Rising Bun: Baking with sourdough

The rising of the dough

After nail-biting excitement of cultivating a sourdough starter, with only the subtlest of indications that the primordial swamp of rye flour and water harbored intelligent life, I thought the best way of testing the starter was to bake with it. For this, I adapted Yoke Mardewi‘s recipe for Pain au Levain, “an easy but delicious bread for your first attempt”.

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How to make sourdough starter

Several summers ago I had my first attempt at making a sourdough starter. The weather was apocalyptically hot, and unfortunately, the wild yeasts were not long for this world in such conditions. I’ve been pondering trying to repeat it, successfully, for sometime, and after seeing this great little film about Californian baker Chad Robertson, I’m inspired again!

It seems there are countless different recipes and proportions for enticing wild yeasts into your bread-making life, however, for literary guidance I’ve settled on two books. Sandor Ellix Katz‘s indispensible classic Wild Fermentation offers spontaneity and flair while inspiring confidence and experimentation, while Yoke Mardewi‘s Wild Sourdough is a more meticulous Australian guide, replete with flow charts and timed processes.

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