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Upcycling pallets: how to make a bike crate

Sophie's Belleville, with finished crate affixed

Since Sophie purchased her snazzy new bike, a three-speed, step-through ladies’ Trek Belleville, replete with racks on the front and back, she’s been in need of a receptacle to make those racks all the more user-friendly.

This seemed like a perfect opportunity to hone my fledgling carpentry skills as well as implement my passion for upcycling. Some time ago, I’d spied a pallet abandoned outside a shop at the end of our street. The soft, silvery wood looked to me like red cedar, so partner-in-craft Jeremy and I returned later to collect it. Lightweight and easy to work, a bike crate sounded like the perfect use for such fine timber!

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How to make rubbish bags out of old newspapers

A friend recently directed me to the Canadian reggae number “Put it in the green bin“, promoting Ottawa’s organic waste scheme. One thing led to another, and I soon found myself watching YouTube tutorials on folding your own origami rubbish bags from newspaper, an idea whose time may just have come here in supposedly plastic-bag-free South Australia.

I’ve made a couple according to the pattern above (also downloadable as a pdf), and will be testing them thoroughly over the coming weeks. Perhaps the next step for origami nerds would be to think of some way of closing the bag once it’s full?

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How to make “wastepaper baskets”

I was browsing the various nifty creations catalogued at Recyclart.org, and found these ‘wastepaper’ baskets. Ever since I got embroiled in conversation with the basket weavers at the Art at the Hart Artists’ Market, I’ve been on the look-out for an project to get me started, and this how-to guide by Canadian Living is just the ticket. In about an hour I whipped up a very respectable little basket, and found the whole experience very agreeable.

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