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A year (or two) in craft

It’s been over a year since we last posted on this site, as much of our energy is now going into our farm project – see for more on that. We also have a busy nearly 2 year old son so much of our creativity is now funnelled into finger painting, play dough sculpture, cubby making, and cardboard kitchen construction!

However my fingers have not been idle on the sewing front, here’s a few projects I’ve made over the last little while:


Embroidery of a Stubble Quail (a bird we just discovered lives on our farm!) for Joel’s birthday


A pig and a goat knitted for Asher


A wedding “coat-of-arms” for friends Renee and Ben, featuring their daughter, dog, and other family interests


A “message in a bottle”, left on a seat in the neighbourhood


A wedding embroidery for sister and brother-in-law Abi and Shane, the house image is a replica of the one they share together (this embroidery inspired by Stitched Gifts by Jessica Marquez)


I ran a workshop as part of Adult Learners Week on “Repurposed planter pots” – the community brought in various secondhand vessels to become pot plants which they took home or gave as Christmas gifts


Little shoes made for Arlo and Asher


Knitted booties made for Arlo – an antique pattern that I’m never making again!


A bath mat made from a recycled towel

I’ve also been working on and off on a rag rug, I’m at the stage of stitching together the plaited part into a big coil, but just can’t summon the motivation to finish that job!



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An Urban Orchard – watch it online!

Getting our 2010 documentary An Urban Orchard online has been high on my list of things to do for some months now, yet I’m delighted to discover that someone else has already done it for me! The delights of the wired world! You can now watch the full film (divided into 3 parts) below (and thanks to iJohn880 for doing the hard yards!)

An Urban Orchard, Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3



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How to make cushion covers

New cushion covers, in their natural habitat

Now that I’ve finished my studies, I’ve finally settled into working through my 18-month long list of Things-To-Do, and near the top was making some new cushion covers. Our existing cushions were looking threadbare, and I have some textiles I collected in West Africa and elsewhere aching to be put to use. design I used is based on another cushion I once bought off a friend from uni. It requires no zip, and is refreshingly simple to whip up. (If you’re seeking a zippy version however, this how-to looks pretty comprehensive. This version makes a similar zip-free cushion using a single piece of fabric).

Wild American states, birds and floral emblem fabric on display

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All the rest have thirty-one

Our pals Cass and John have set themselves the challenge of doing 31 things in January as part of their work with a their local Sustainable Communities group. They’ve already been on some great adventures … check it out!

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How to make a piñata

Our completed piñata perches in its native habitat

The piñata is a Mexican festive creation, typically a papier maché figure filled with lollies. The figure is suspended above the ground, and participants take turns to be blindfolded and swing at the figure with a stick until it breaks open showering guests with sugary treats.
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On the trail…


The Yurrebilla Trail winds through 54 kilometres of the southern Mount Lofty Ranges that mark the eastern boundary of Adelaide. Walking the trail had always appealed to me as a way of exploring the ecology of our home on foot. In the tail-end of a wet winter, Sophie and I (and Emmie for the first day) finally set out, setting aside four days to walk its length. We’d planned the walk for July because we thought that the cold season should have been all rained out by then. As we later discovered it was actually the wettest July for 20 years, and some of the towns we were walking through were preparing for floods.
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