About the Little House

We are two households of friends living on the Kaurna plains, in a little big town called Adelaide, South Australia.

Five people make up the Little House Collective.  Pete is an expert on wild law and loves gardening, reading and spending time with his two Sag girls. Shani is a mum, eco architect, weaver, lover and yogini. Freya is a bouncing baby girl born in late spring 2008. She enjoys boobs, books and other babies (and sometimes mashed pear). Joel loves making tortillas with his bare hands, crafting scrap wood into birdhouses and chicken coop-palaces, and gleaning prickly pears. Sophie is a lover of backyard birds, also fond of watching things grow and working with fabrics.

The Little House initiated a craft collective where participants meet regularly to work on projects ranging from toy making to zine writing to quilt making to basketry to knitting.

The Little House is committed to slow living and reclaiming life skills from the past for the future, together with friends, family and neighbours.


6 responses to “About the Little House

  1. Hi.. I wonder if I might get your permission to use http://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeycart/5076635865/ in a book I am writing about the Transition movement?
    I would of course credit it to you….
    With thanks….
    Rob Hopkins

    • nopalito

      Hi Rob,
      Yep, all of my photos and illustrations are licensed under the Creative Commons, and I’m particularly enthusiastic about their use by organisations and projects working for sustainability and justice, of which the Transition movement is a sterling example. I’ll send you an email via your website to sort out the nuts-and-bolts.

  2. Love the blog – Hello from a fellow Plains inhabitant from the US! Following your blog :)!

  3. HI there, Would you mind if i used this image on my twitter account please -the feed is about temporary use of disused urban buildings / space and this image sums up some of the possibilities! https://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeycart/5076635865/in/photostream/

    The twitter acc is @UrbanVoids


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