Free box: growing vegies with salvaged materials

Newly planted seedlings in the salvaged vegie bed.

Living in a rented house, we’ve been slowly, subtly expanding the reach of our potted garden over the under-utilised spaces of the strata. Sophie recently spotted a broken produce crate in hard rubbish, and we thought it was time to set-up a herb and leafies bed in a sunny corner.

A slightly imperfect old produce crate from hard rubbish forms the substructure for a new herb bed.

With large gaps between the planks of the crate, and one base plank missing an end, we thought we’d line the crate with a length of old hessian that’s part of a colossal quantity of the material that we somehow ended up with. Lined with a shopping bag in the base, we then filled it with soil all the way to the top.

The crate is lined with some old hessian and a shopping bag to hold the soil in place.

With the aid of some upholstery tacks to gather and pin the top of the hessian in place, Sophie planted parsley, coriander, a few lettuces and thyme for a front door potager. With any luck, the entire contraption will have composted, crate and hessian and all, by the time we need to move out!

The finished garden, hessian pinned with upholstery tacks, seedlings planted and enjoying the winter sunshine.


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