Upcycling Pallets: the urban timber source

I’m a long-time admirer of pallets and am regularly delighted by the possibilities they offer for reuse and transformation into other useful objects once their life as a pallet is ended. Likewise, I’m often surprised by the quality of the timber used. I’ve used a red cedar pallet to make a light-weight bike crate, and a couple of years ago used another pallets to bang out an extremely rustic stool. I’ve been pondering some other pallet-based carpentry projects, and have gathered together some inspiration below. It’s especially exciting to see some craftspeople using rough-hewn materials with such elegance. The examples of intelligent reuse are seemingly inexhaustible, so I’ll update this post whenever I have the time and energy!


Robust Outdoor Seating from Un Air De Recup

Lovely chair from Upcycle Us (includes basic tutorial)

Armchair from Pierre Vedel

Adirondack Chair from Repurposed Goods (plans available for purchase)

Hanging Seat from Styleitchic

Pallet chairs from Jamison Sellers, with seat and back in pallet timbers, and frame in walnut or pallet

Pallet bench from here

Pallet chair with storage chests/seating from Emotioned.com

Sofas from Styleitchic (includes tutorial)

Armchair from Recyclart


Beautifully crafted coffee table from Cantilever and Press

Coffee Table from Un Air De Recup

Potting Bench from Better Homes and Gardens

Living, breathing succulent table from Far Out Flora (includes tutorial)

E1221 Table, with stunning pallet timber top, from Jamison Sellers

Coffee Table by Stephane Beauchet

Lo-fi Coffee Table on castors, from Doobi

Shelves and storage

Indoor/outdoor shelving from Un Air De Recup

Kitchen Cabinet from Shabby Love (blog includes tutorial on how to make it)

Kitchen drawers from Shabby Love (blog includes tutorial on how to make it)

Storage chest from the excellent Upcycle Us (includes tutorial)

Shoe rack from Junktion Products


Coat rack from Upcycle Us

Room Dividers from My Friend Staci

Pallet display shelves, from Re and Purposed

Floating pallett shelves from AmandaCarver Designs


Vertical Pallet Garden from Life On The Balcony (includes tutorial)

Vertical succulent garden from Design Sponge (includes tutorial)

Vertical succulent garden and screen from Shaynna Blaze (includes tutorial)


Toddler Bed from Lori Danelle (includes tutorial)

Headboard from Stylizimo


Flooring from Jetson Green



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9 responses to “Upcycling Pallets: the urban timber source

  1. madvsworld

    I can’t decide which one I like best! Great post!

  2. Excellent collection of uses for upcycled pallets! Question: why DON’T we use pallets more often? It is a readily available source of strong wood that gets dumped after only a few uses. I’ve ripped apart a pallet and created floating shelves because I didn’t want to buy wood at the store It was free(for me), easy and the shelves lasted years. I ended up selling them when I didn’t need them anymore! Thanks for sharing! http:dontbuyathing.wordpress.com

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  5. Lori

    Just love this site. Thank you for sharing.

  6. There’s some inspiring photos there. I’ve only ever used them to make compost bins before, but I love the pallet garden ones best – a very imaginative use of space and resources.

  7. HI
    A lot of amazing stuff !
    Thanks for sharing my work (I’m stephane beauchet : the table wood palett with mosaic inly. I’ve changed my website so you could follow me on the new one (I will put soon some other projects with wood palett!) : http://dansunetatsecond.blogspot.ca/
    and also on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EtatSecond
    Your blog is REALLY interesting !
    Thanks everyone!

  8. martyn raynes

    Awesome site i have already made a two coffee tables so far now looking at make a sofa and two chairs. After looking on this site also thinking of using them to make a solid wood floor if i get enough pallets.

  9. Ann

    So many cool ideas!

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