Urban Orchard DVD now available!

DVD copies of
An Urban Orchard have now completely sold out (thanks, enthusiastic community food advocates!) However, the complete film will shortly be available for free viewing and download online. Stay tuned!

“A delightful film that highlights the power of everyday people to effect positive change. A must see for anyone interested in securing a food future for their community.”
– Phil Dudman, Landshare Australia

Tracing the history of food gathering and production on the Adelaide Plains, from the Kaurna Aboriginal nation to present day backyard gardens, An Urban Orchard is a celebration of growing and sharing good food.

In the inner southern suburbs of the city of Adelaide, South Australia, local residents meet to share the bounty of their backyards. Around the table of the ‘Urban Orchard’ produce exchange, people from diverse backgrounds share their knowledge of food production and preparation. While deceptively simple, the exchange is a rich opportunity for building community, reducing waste and powerful element in emerging local food systems, where the talk is more often of ‘food metres’ than ‘food miles’.

Focussing on the emergence of homegrown fruit and vegetable exchanges, the film follows the journeys of local gardeners involved in the exchange and offers inspiration for other communities to build more just, sustainable and local food systems in their neighbourhoods.

Produced with the assistance of the Friends of the Earth Adelaide, Goodwood Good Food Co-op, the City of Unley and the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre.

“An Urban Orchard demonstrates an inspiring, grass-roots solution to a food system in crisis. By tracing the history of food production on the Adelaide plains, the film contextualises the capacity we have to create innovative and locally-based food solutions that can be applied in any community”.
– Graeme Williams, Byron Shire Council, NSW

“Join some of Adelaide’s modern-day urban orchardists and gleaners as they describe the past, present and possible bounties of the Adelaide Plains through archival material, interviews and DIY set design. The future could be very tasty!”
– Richard Smith, sustainability educator

“An Urban Orchard
is a wonderful melange of edible ideas, food for the swapping and food for the finding. So, how would you use the 32 minutes of this video (apart from watching it for the pleasure of the sheer exuberance of people who set up something so simple yet so timely as a food swap)? … Unlike many food issue videos, Urban Orchard is not so long that you don’t have time for a structured conversation around the topic after showing it to a group. It’s presentation is light and enthusing and skilled educators will be able to draw out pertinent themes for later discussion.

Adelaide might be at the bottom of the continent in a map makers sense, but when it comes to innovations in community food, it’s right there at the top thanks to that bunch of freerangers wandering around the city’s urban creeklines and setting up productive community places where your excess production of food can be swapped.”
Russ Grayson, journalist, community food systems advocate


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  1. cool! how on earth did i miss this coming out?

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