How to make rubbish bags out of old newspapers

A friend recently directed me to the Canadian reggae number “Put it in the green bin“, promoting Ottawa’s organic waste scheme. One thing led to another, and I soon found myself watching YouTube tutorials on folding your own origami rubbish bags from newspaper, an idea whose time may just have come here in supposedly plastic-bag-free South Australia.

I’ve made a couple according to the pattern above (also downloadable as a pdf), and will be testing them thoroughly over the coming weeks. Perhaps the next step for origami nerds would be to think of some way of closing the bag once it’s full?

It ends up that there’s actually a bit of a subculture of origami rubbish bag folders, as evidenced by these further clips: one that creates kind of an open box structure, and the other creating something that you might otherwise associate with eating popcorn.


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