How to make cushion covers

New cushion covers, in their natural habitat

Now that I’ve finished my studies, I’ve finally settled into working through my 18-month long list of Things-To-Do, and near the top was making some new cushion covers. Our existing cushions were looking threadbare, and I have some textiles I collected in West Africa and elsewhere aching to be put to use. design I used is based on another cushion I once bought off a friend from uni. It requires no zip, and is refreshingly simple to whip up. (If you’re seeking a zippy version however, this how-to looks pretty comprehensive. This version makes a similar zip-free cushion using a single piece of fabric).

Wild American states, birds and floral emblem fabric on display

West African wax-print fabrics, settling into their new home

1. Firstly, I removed the existing covers from the old cushions and measured their edges. Most of the cushions were about 40cm x 40cm, however, in order to make them a little plumper once covered, I planned to make the finished size of each cover slightly smaller (perhaps around 38cm x 38 cm). I then cut a square from the fabric I wanted to display, leaving a seam of a few centimetres. (If the cushion is 40cm x 40cm, I cut a piece about 43cm, so there’s a bit of room to play with).

2. For the back, I chose a complimentary fabric (black corduroy), and while the piece is the same width as the front (about 43cm), I added on about 10-20cm to the length (so the piece is about 43cm x 60cm). I then folded it, and cut in half, so that I had two pieces, each about 43cm x 30cm.

3. Turning all pieces of fabric so that their print side is facing inwards, I then arranged the two back pieces on the front piece. The back pieces should overlap by about 10-15cm across the centre of the printed front piece. I then whipped around the edge with the sewing machine, sewing a square about 38cm x 38cm.

4. Then, you just turn the whole thing inside out (all going well, all the printed bits should be facing outwards), and insert your cushion.

Finished front, cushion in place

The finished back. The two back pieces overlap by about 10 cm, allowing the cushion to be tucked safely inside


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