How to make fruit ices

The fruit ices in their improvised moulds, the left one has the cling wrap in place

For Christmas, Soph and I got Pete and Shani some rocket-shaped ice-block moulds, however, the modern permie-improviser doesn’t require moulds to discover the pleasures of frozen breakfasts, particularly when temperatures keep on climbing. My parent’s peach tree has been under attack by carpophilus beetles, so I came home with a bag of peaches drilled and half-mushed by the fiendish little invertebrates.

I trimmed the mushy bits off, and cut the peaches into halves or quarters. In a blender, I added a little water to get them started, then pureed the peaches a few at a time until I had a mass of thick liquid.

We washed a handful of plastic cups, and added the peach puree to about a third of the depth of the cup. We then placed a plastic spoon in, and added a couple of whole grapes and strawberries, and then continued to fill the cup around the spoon, adding flourishes of whole fruit as we fancied.

With the spoon in place, and the cups pretty much full, we put a small piece of cling wrap over the top, piercing a hole for the spoon to keep it upright.

We then popped it in the freezer. In the morning, we exhumed them, and after sitting the cups in hot water for a few moments, the new peach, strawberry and grape frozen extravaganzas slipped free from their improvised moulds and down our gullets!

Ready for a lickin'!


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