The start

Hey hey! You’ve stumbled on the Little House on the Plains blog! Welcome!


Over the next year our household on the Kaurna plains, Adelaide, South Australia, will be documenting our attempts and adventures in slow and old-made-new living via this medium, among other media!


You can read more about us here


You can check out Joel’s regularly-updated photos here


A bit about our site. The plains are nestled against the foothills, bounded in by suburbs all the way to the sea. It’s a dry kind of plain, creeks long since dried up and paved over into drains. But if you wander these old water courses they throw up a wilderness the suburbs have long since chased away – escaped fig and mulberry trees, lost toys, riverine grasses and umbrellas blown from patios. The Little House is near a school wetlands project, where stormwater miraculously turns into water birds and boardwalks. The Little House is also near a huge old arboretum, where fine genetic stock from around the world grows in an organised fashion, and you can go and picnic and sketch trees and birds to your heart’s content. Mainly big white chattering corellas you will find here, magpies too, and eastern rosellas and galahs and slightly disoriented banded lapwings. This is our neighbourhood.      


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  1. danny

    Hi Sophie and Joel,

    I’m not one to spend much time looking into plasma beds shooting photon rays into my eyes (for example, computer screens), so i just skimmed your blog; but what i saw was awsome, inspiring and lovely!
    with love,
    danny from Terrasante

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